Who We Are

ACSF is composed of a very diverse and international group of individuals committed to a reflective engagement of the space between architecture, culture and spirituality.

Professing many different faiths, our nearly 450 members from 48 countries are professionals, scholars, researchers and educators from a wide range of disciplines including architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, interior architecture and design, the visual and performing arts, comparative religion, environmental psychology, phenomenology, sacred space, social work, anthropology, philosophy, sustainability, religious studies, historical and cultural preservation, theology, neuroscience, and more.

Different disciplinary perspectives and methods, religious faiths and practices, ideological and cultural positionings, theoretical and practical approaches are key to ACSF. We are interested and committed to learn respectfully from other traditions, viewpoints, and lifespaces than our own.

The list of all our members is available here.