ACS 5: Symposium on Urbanism, Spirituality and Well-Being: Exploring the Past and Present | Envisioning the Future

June Program - Day 3

June 8, 2013 | Harvard Divinity School, Boston, Massachusetts

Future Prospects: Scholarship and plenary discussions regarding future prospects for cities - the creation of meaningful, sustainable and spiritual environments that provide a quality of life and well-being for its inhabitants, and are in harmony with their natural contexts.

Nature as a Promoter of Well-Being in Future Cities

Allan Logan, Naturopathic Doctor and Independent Researcher


'Spiritualizing' Modernity and the City: The Future of Urbanism, Well-being and Spirituality

Julio Bermudez, The Catholic University of America


Nature in Cities: The Promise of Biophilic Urbanism

Timothy Beatley, University of Virginia


The Charismatic City: Religious Sense and Sensibility for Future Urban Design

Nimi Wariboko, Andover Newton Theological School


City House - House City, the Timeless, the Timely and the Future City

Thomas Barrie, North Carolina State University


Inspirations from a Long, Lost Letter

Nader Ardalan, Harvard University