ACS 5: Symposium on Urbanism, Spirituality and Well-Being: Exploring the Past and Present | Envisioning the Future

June Program - Day 2 - Morning Session

June 7, 2013 | Glastonbury Abbey, Massachusetts

Urbanism of the Past: Scholarship on the history of architecture and the built environment planned according to spiritual motivations or principles.

Scholar - Official Culture and the Traditions of Urban Development in China

Ming Hu, Rockville, Maryland


Liberty, Fear, and the City of Sensations: Sir William Chambers' Dissertation on Oriental Gardening and Burke's Sublime-Effect

Yue Zhang, University of Zurich


Culture, Spirituality and the Public Realm - What Can We Learn from the Past?

Upendra Sapkota, Kearny, New Jersey


Urban Order as a Means of Paradisiacal Order; Eden, Jerusalem and London

Steve Padget, The University of Kansas


Spiritual Infrastructure: The Stepwells of Ragistan and Gujarat as Urban Centers of Spiritual and Communal Life

Wendy Redfield, Tulane University


The Plan of Chicago as a Map of Heaven: Daniel Burnham's Swedenborgianism

Kristen Schaffer, North Carolina State University


Contemporary Sufi-Inspired Urban Design in Touba, Senegal

Eric Ross, Al Akhawayn University, Morocco


Northern City: Spirituality of Indigenous Peoples in the Built Environment

Lena Sidorova, North-East Federal University, Russia


Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral: Urbanism, Phenomenology and the Sacred

Michael Madden, Toronto, Canada


God in the City or, Manna about Town

Michael J. Crosbie, Faith & Form


Locating the Sacred in Dutch Vinex-Areas

Inez Schippers, Tilburg University, The Netherlands


New Sacred Geographies: Between Autonomy and Total Immersion

Antonio Petrov, University of Texas San Antonio


Siting, Spirituality and Sustainability - New Possibilities?

Justin Lawson, Deakin University, Australia


Growing Home: Sacred Space and Contemporary Ecotopia

Andrew G. Gingerich, Andrew Gingerich Design + Analytics, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Reinventing Cities as Sacred Landscape: the Case for an Eco-Centric View of Infrastructure

Dennis Winters, Landscape Architect and Roberto Chiotti, Architect, Toronto, Canada


Slow Urbanism

Prem Chandavarkar, CnT Architects, Bangalore, India


Spiritual Centers and Edges of the City

Alison B. Snyder, University of Oregon


Utopianism Reconceived: Multicultural Communities Engaging through an Inclusive Futurology

Maged Senbel, University of British Columbia