ACS 5: Symposium on Urbanism, Spirituality and Well-Being: Exploring the Past and Present | Envisioning the Future

April and May 2013 Program

April 11, 2013 Program | Harvard University Science Center

Reflections on the Past: The focus of this first lecture series is to consider the history of cities planned according to spiritual motivations or principles. Cities in which ecological sustainability and spiritual well-being have enjoyed historical or ongoing reciprocity are of greatest interest.

Reflections on the Past

David Carasco, Harvard Divinity School


Time and The Eternal. Reflections on Cosmogonic Places

Nader Ardalan, Harvard Graduate School of Design


Reflections on Building a Hospital in the Islamic Medieval City

Ahmed Ragab, Harvard Divinity School


May 2, 2013 Program | Harvard University Fong Auditorium

Contemporary Trends: The focus of this second lecture series is on the contribution of spiritual motivations in planning contemporary cities, and, specifically, the use of design to support spiritual engagement and environmental health in the public realm.

Designing Healthy Communities / Making Healthy Places

Richard J. Jackson, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health


Trends in Planning Contemporary Cities in India with Spirituality in Mind

Rahul Mehrotra, Harvard Graduate School of Design