Thank you !

The Architecture, Culture and Spirituality Forum wants to recognize those organizations that have generously supported the activities of ACSF. This has meant covering the costs associated with multiparty teleconferencing, website hosting, release time of faculty, faculty travel to secure symposium sites, list-server operation, advertisement, and more. Without such support our organization would not have been able to endure and succeed. ACSF thus acknoweldges:

The Center of Theological INquiery (CTI) at Princeton (2016)
(hosting a consultation / advising session wth ACSF leadership to support envisioning of organization next steps, Spring 2016)

The Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning (2010-2016)
(website hosting of ACSF Forum, faculty travel/time to secure and organize ACS 3 and 4 symposia as well as initial efforts towards organizing ACS 5)

The North Carolina State University College of Design (2007-2016)
(teleconferencing, faculty travel/time to secure and organize ACS 1 and ACS 5 symposia, special grant for video-recording all ACS 5 lectures)

Harvard University (2010-2013)
(faculty time for full organization of ACS 5 including partnership with several academic departments)

The Texas A&M University College of Architecture (2007-present)
(teleconferencing, faculty travel/time to secure ACS 3 symposium site, and continuous list-server operation)

The University of Minnesota College of Design (2009-2015)
(teleconferencing and faculty travel/time to secure ACS 2 symposium site)

Faith & Form Magazine (2008-present). Link here.
(free notification of ACS activities to its readership)

The Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology Newsletter (2008-present). Link here.
(free notification of ACS activities to its readership)

2A (Architecture and Art) Magazine (2009-2011). Link here.
(dedication of its Fall 2009 and Spring 2011 issues to ACS 1 and ACS 2 symposia)

The University of Utah College of Architecture & Planning (2007-2010)
(teleconferencing, Faculty time to organize ACS 1 and 2 symposia, and website hosting of ACS Forum )

The University of Idaho College of Art and Architecture (2007-2010)

It always feels so good to say THANK YOU, doesn't it?