Related Organizations, Journals, and Publications

Related Organizations

The Society for the Arts, Religion, and Contemporary Culture
The Center for Theological Inquiry at Princeton
The Center for Contemplative MInd in Society 

International Association for Environmental Philosophy
Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA)
The Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture (IFRAA)
Yale Institute of Sacred Music
The Institute of Sacred Architecture 

International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture
The Metanexus Institute (Interdisciplinary Think Tank on Science, Religion, and the Humanities)

The Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy
The American Academy of Religion 

Association of Colegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)
The International Ambiances Network
The Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education
Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

Experimental Philosophy Society
The Institute of Neuroaesthetics
Academy of Neuroscience For Architecture 

Harvard Divinity School
Achitecture Humanities Research Association
Archnet (addressing the built environment in Muslim societies)

Center for the Study of Religion (Ohio State U)

South East Society of Architectural Historians (SESAH)
Art + Christianity Inquiry 

Related Journals and Publications

Faith & Form Magazine
Contemporary Aesthetics Journal 
Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology (EAP)
Sacred Architecture Journal (SAJ)
Journal of Architectural Education (JAE)
Journal of Indo-Judaic Studies
Journal Of Existential And Phenomenological Theory And Culture
Places Journal
Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture
The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism
Journal for the Study of Spirituality
Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
Art + Christianity Journal
International Journal of Islamic Architecture
Inquiry: The ARCC journal of Architectural Research
Journal of Architectural and Planning Research (JAPR)
Rebista Ixtus, Espíritu y Cultura
List of Architectural Journals in South America
(Note: language is Spanish or Portugese, some of which may be interested in ACS issues)
Forward (Magazine that is voice for Associate AIA members)
Integral Review
ARRIS: The Journal of SESAH

Related Institutes, Centers, Programs, Grants, and Other Relevant Information

The Mind & Life Institute
Institute for Religion, Culture, & Public Life (Columbia University)
The Fetzer Institute
The Upaya Insitute and Zen Center (Programs)
The John Templeton Foundation
Mind & Reality: A Multidisciplinary Symposium
Sacred Destinations (Travel Guide)
The Trust for the Meditation Proces
Open Spaces Sacred Places
Karsten Harries Commons
Center for Spirituality and Healing (U of Minnesota)
Center for Mindfulness (U of California)
The LIbrary of Congress
Islamic Art
( Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
Kahn Academy
 (Free Art and Humanities resources)
Religious Studies Resources page 1
 (University of Saskatchewan)
Religious Studies Resources page 2 (SuperSummary)
Lab for Affective Neuroscience(U of Wisconsin)