How to become an ACSF member (List Server)

TO JOIN ACFS: If you are interested in joining our group (membership is free), please, subscribe to the ACFS list server by:

sending an email to and in the BODY of the email put:

SUBSCRIBE am-carc-acs-l firstname lastname

(do NOT include any comment or text in that email)


(1) Keeping up with conference, symposia, news, design competitions, and other ACSF opportunities (via list serv email messages);
(2) Providing links to member's research, publication, and teaching work;
(3) Receiving complementary publications on special ocassions (e.g., Faith & Form, etc.);
(4) Priority listing in attending ACSF symposium;
(5) Accessing selected ACFS member(s) contact information (upon request);
(6) Posting announcements to the general ACSF memberships (***see policy below);
(7) Being part of a vibrant group of accomplished individuals pushing the edge of disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge; and
(8) Being eligible to make proposals for ACSF-sanctioned or sponsored events, including symposia.

INQUIRIES: If you have any question or want to learn more about membership, please direct your inquiry to either:

Julio Bermudez — The Catholic University of America

*** ACSF list-server policy regarding messages posting to the general membership ***
An ACSF member's request por posting a message to the list-server will be approved if and only if its content falls within one (or more) of the following 4 categories:

(a) announcement of a pertinent event to ACFS (conference, symposia, special meetings, high profile lecture, design competitions, grant opportunity, art show or performance);
(b) announcement of an ACSF member's publication of a book;
(c) announcement of an ACSF member's move or advancement to a NEW position; and
(d) announcement of an ACFS member's special achievement (e.g., an important award) or taking on a leadership role (e.g., president, chair, secretary, treasurer, editor, etc) in a recognized professional or scholarly organization.

Our policy regarding the announcement of programs/schools through our list-server is based on the following rules:

(a) the announcement should be made by a standing ACSF member;
(b) it be addressed to ACSF members (NO forwarding, although they could cut and past text if needed); and
(c) it has to be directly related to ACSF issues.

The determination about any of these matters will be done by the ACFS list-server master and/or other individual appointed by the ACS Executive Board.