History & Objectives

The Architecture, Culture and Spirituality Forum (ACFS) was founded in April 2007 to provide an international scholarly forum for scholarship and discussion of spirituality and meaning in the built environment, and their implications regarding design education and professional practice. Its primary mission is to provide an international forum for scholarship, research, education, practice, design, and advocacy regarding the cultural and spiritual significance of the built environment.

ACS emerged from a number of conferences dating from the early 1990’s, which were dedicated to scholarship on the cultural significance, ritual use and meaning of sacred places and religious architecture. During the intervening years there also was a remarkable growth in scientific and professional research on mind and spirituality accompanied by a parallel increase in public interest in the subject. All this indicated a propitious time to engage an international audience through a process that was integrative (interdisciplinary), diverse (ecumenical), cutting-edge (at the forefront of research and practice), rigorous, and open. Since its founding ACS membership has continued to grow, and our organization has hosted annual symposia, published peer-reviewed scholarship, provided timely information and resources to its members (through its website and listserv), and nurtured a diverse community of scholars, educators and practitioners.

In November 2015 ACSF was incorporated as nonprofit 501(c) corporation in the state of North Carolina ((USA).

Please see the ACS Founding Whitepaper (2007).

If interested, here is ACSF Bylaws document (2016).