Books by ACSF Members

Below please find links to books written and published by ACSF members.

Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality

Barrie, Bermudez and Tabb eds., London: Routledge, 2015

House and Home: Cultural Contexts, Ontological Roles

Barrie, Thomas, Routledge; 1 edition (February 24, 2017)

Spiritual Path, Sacred Place: Myth, Ritual, and Meaning in Architecture

Barrie, Thomas, Shambhala; 1st edition (June 18, 1996)

For An Architecture of Reality

Benedikt, Michael, Lumen Books; Reprint edition (January 1, 1992)

Constructing the Ineffable: Contemporary Sacred Architecture

Britton, Karla, The Yale School of Architecture (March 15, 2011)

Auguste Perret

Britton, Karla, Phaidon Press (October 22, 2001)

Hawaiian Modern: The Architecture of Vladimir Ossipoff

Britton, Karla, Yale University Press; Reprint edition (March 31, 2015)

Seeking the Sacred in Contemporary Religious Architecture

Crosbie, Michael J., The Kent State University Press; 1 edition (August 2, 2010)

Architecture for the Gods

Crosbie, Michael J., Watson-Guptill (September 1, 2000)

Nature and the Idea of a Man-Made World

Crowe, Norman, The MIT Press (1997)

Frank Lloyd Wright's Sacred Architecture

Geva, Anat, Routledge (November 15, 2011)

Between Nihilism and Faith

Harries, Karsten, De Gruyter; 1 edition (March 17, 2010)

A House and Its Atmosphere

Jacks, Ben, Culicidae Architectural Press (November 1, 2017)