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12th ACSF Symposium, Falling Water, Pennsylvania

June 1-5, 2022

Please use the pulldown menus below to select the appropriate options for registering at the 2022 ACSF 12 Symposium in Fallingwater, Pennsylvania. Everyone attending ACSF 12 in Fallingwater has to pay the Symposium Fee (the first Add-to-Cart button), and the registration fee includes all meals (except breakfast that is included in the lodging accommodations) and provides access to all events.

Fill out your room reservation information, ONLY if you stay at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Donegal. If so, choose whether you want a Single or Double occupancy room, then select the NUMBER OF NIGHTS you will stay. After making this choice click on the Add-to-Cart button, which will add the cost for the rooms to the PayPal Shopping Cart.
NOTE: if you stay at Days Inn Donegal, you will receive an email providing you access to ACSF 12 symposium booking discounts (you will get this link once you complete the full registration process.

Clicking on the Add-to-Cart button will open a new tab in your browser. When you have added all your options, click on that second tab to see the total amount. If you have a PayPal account, click on the yellow PayPal Check out, or if you prefer to use a credit card, click on the grey Check Out button on the right side of the screen.

Any questions? Please email Julio Bermudez at

Symposium Fee

Symposium Fee


Accommodations (Holiday Inn Donegal)

Option 1 (Single at Holiday Inn Donegal @ $114/night for Wed and Thur, and $155/night for Fri & Sat– taxes included)

Single: Holiday Inn Donegal


Option 2 (Double at Holiday Inn Donegal @ 57/night for Wed and Thur, and $77.50/night for Fri & Sat – taxes included)

Double:Holiday Inn Donegal

Refunds policy for cancellations: 

* 15 days prior to start of the event = 90%

* 7 days prior to start of the event = 50%
NOTE: we may update this policy based on the situation with the coronavirus